private security sector experience

Securitas Security Services, USA

February 2015 - Present

• Analysis of company security services and overall studio parking operations.
• Administer and conduct analysis reports and project solutions for hot topic subject matter and high visibility security studio projects.
• Present real time day to day numbers and information to help better utilize company resources.
• Review operation practices, policies and procedures to suggest possible improvements, stratigize and problem solve to plan for the future.

• Direct report to security's Senior Director, Security Operations - Global Security - West Coast

Andrews International / US Security Associates

December 2008 - December 2014

SPE Parking Operations
•  Assist upper management with the day-to-day parking operations
•  Administer reserved & assigned executive parking
•  Administer reserved & assigned production parking
•  Administer & approve VIP parking requests
•  Administer one off specialized parking requests
•  Administer & approve low emission & electric spaces
•  Administer & coordinate studio weekly parking schedule
•  Administer parking relocation notifications [production shoots]
•  Administer studio operation parking cone off requests
•  Administer & coordinate street meter permits with CCPD
•  Administer work orders [signage/operations materials]
•  Administer parking office document upkeep
•  Manage security parking alert calendar [mySPE site]

SPE Off Lot Parking Operations [CP, MDR, TCSOB]
•  Administer & coordinate off lot parking assignments
•  Coordinate billing invoices & monthly access card audits
•  Manage monthly reports to Gov. Affairs, campus managers & City Hall
•  Manage SPE employee off lot parking cards
•  Manage system updates to employee parking records
•  Primary liaison to 3rd party vendors, City Hall & CCPD

SPE Security Operations Services & Access Control
•  Regional Badge Service Center
•  ID Badge Room Operator
•  Assist with inter-departmental systems analysis & company policies
•  Assist with on boarding & system updates for production/term deals
•  Assist with off boarding employees & system updates
•  Assist with employee relocations [access & parking]
•  Assist upper management with special projects

SPE Parking Services & Anti-Piracy Accounting
Administer weekly credit card reconciliation costs

SPE Security Special Events
•  Assist management with event security
•  Coordinate studio event parking
•  Coordinate studio event documents & briefing packets

SPE Security Operations Training
•  Assist officer training in visitor management system
•  Assist officer training in parking management system
•  Coordinate officer training materials with management

Special Events Management (SEM)

Private Security for motion picture film premieres and film premiere after-party events.

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